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How To Place Order?

How to place order? / How to make payment?



1.Pay via PayPal directly(send money to family & friends)



   Our PayPal account is personal account, we can only accept payment via ”SEND MONEY TO FAMILY & FRIENDS”, please contact with us for PayPal address if you want to pay like this, thank you!



2.Pay via PayPal through agent website


u=199925838,803795241&fm=26&gp=0PayPal is not available directly on our website, but we recommend using trusted agent website Superbuy.com which can take all kinds of payment (PayPal, Visa, Mastercard, JCB, etc).  


1.User guide of Superbuy.com

2.Youtube Guide


●How to use agent website to place order?


Step.1 We have a Taobao Store link in each product page.

Step.2 Enter Link and Click “Add to Cart” on superbuy.com.

Ps:Please ignore the pics in taobao link,we will ship out the items that you saw in teebeelux.com.

Step.3 Pay your order on superbuy.com, then we will ship them to superbuy in 48 hours.

Step.4 Superbuy will inform you to pay shipping after they receive items(because our taobao product price do not include international shipping fee), they will transit them to your country after shipping paid.

PS: Pictures on agent website are replaced with another item without brand so that there won’t be problem when paying. So please ignore the pictures on agent website :)


3.Credit Card & Debit Card (VISA/MasterCard/JCB/Amercian Express etc)



Because of payment policy, we can’t accept payment direclty on this website for security, so there is a new payment link for you to make payment, it’s 100% secure and your privacy is protected.



●Copy and enter this URL link:



●If your order amount on TEEBEELUX.COM is $151.6, fill in quantity of 151 on this new payment page, then you just need to finish the next payment steps.(Very easy step)


●After finishing payment on new payment link, we will confirm your order of TEEBEELUX.COM soon.





Post time: 10-26-2019


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